Peer pressure

Peer pressure is feeling like you have to do something in order to ‘fit in’ with friends or to impress. It is likely you will feel pressured because it is something you wouldn’t normally do or don’t feel ready to do.

Stressed Student with Smartphone

Listening to your gut and having the confidence to say ‘no’ might seem difficult – in case of social exclusion or being laughed at – but making your own choice will save you from doing something you might later regret.

During the summer holidays, extra time to spend with friends and acquaintances can lead to occasions where you might feel uncomfortable taking part in something.

Falling victim to peer pressure to get involved in antisocial behaviour, to take drugs or to engage in sexual activity can have overwhelming consequences and can cause real emotional heartache.

It’s important to seek advice from family and trusted friends if this is happening to you. You must also acknowledge the personal impact saying ‘yes’ to something you do not want to do can have.

We’ve created four videos to show the potential implications taking drugs, sexsexting and causing criminal damage through anti-social behaviour can have on you, your family and your community.

The summer holidays should be fun – don’t let others decide what ‘fun’ means.